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The Color Art Health division of Color Art is more than just a healthcare furniture provider. They provide solutions for the entire healing environment. Moreover, they work hand in hand with forward-thinking industry experts in all elements of the design process. From architecture to textiles, their evidence-based design methodology assists them in providing REALsolutions to improve the experience of REALpatients, caregivers and care partners. From construction to technology, flooring to move management, Care Interiors has all of these capabilities in-house, and as a result, has direct control over cost and quality. Their goal is to improve the healthcare experience for everyone.

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Featured Project: Ranken Jordan

 Ranken Jordan Case Study

"Furnishing the facility was important, but there were other intricate and unique pieces that were required including mix-and-match medical pieces and a waterbed, for example. I couldn't believe how everyone at Color Art Integrated Interiors listened - right to the smallest detail. They made it happen. As far as I am concerned, Color Art is part of the family. We built this hospital together."

- Laureen Tanner, President, Ranken Jordan

Read more about the Ranken Jordan project on the Color Art Health website.

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